We still need to speak up on ‘mainstream’ anti-Semitism By Michael Dugher, February 7, 2013 The Jewish Cronicle In 2006, the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism warned that antisemitism was creeping into the mainstream with traditional antisemitic themes – dressed up as “anti-Zionism” – mounting a comeback. Sadly, this has not abated over the […]

UK-Israel-Palestine and the new age of the city By Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP 30-Jan-2013, Fathom Journal We are entering a new urban age, so let’s build world class partnerships between the great hubs of British, Israeli and Palestinian life. Predications are always difficult, especially when they are about the future, said the great Yogi […]

Israelis went to the polls on Tuesday (22 January) to elect their new Knesset, Israel’s 120 seat parliament. The elections brought about a significant shift to the centre, with the centre/centre-left and right-wing blocs more or less tied. The surprise of the night was the second place showing of Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid, a new […]

Good luck Ha’avoda by Ben Garratt Israel goes to the polls today for its general election. At Labour Friends of Israel, we make the progressive case for Israel, drawing attention to the country’s vibrant democracy, civil society and economic sphere in all its varied guises. However, if there is one time in the political calendar […]

Over 100 people gathered in the House of Commons on Tuesday evening to participate in the joint Labour Friends of Israel and We Believe in Israel debate on: How can we best promote renewed negotiations and a two state solution? The panellists, led by Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy, called for renewed negotiations; passionately argued […]

We Must Not Let Frustration Over the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Stop Us Making the Case for a Negotiated Two State Solution by John Woodcock MP Jonathan Freedland’s thoughtful piece on 23 November succinctly evokes the fatigue that has sapped so much energy from efforts to secure peace in the Middle East. But understandable as it may […]

Labour front benchers head to Israel and the Palestinian territories on hi-tech fact-finding mission Shadow Secretaries of State for Work & Pensions and Business & Innovation, Liam Byrne and Chuka Umunna, led this week a Labour delegation to Israel and the Palestinian territories, to learn from Israel’s hi-tech success, and to call for deeper economic […]